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What is the ISF Filing and How To Get This Filed

What is the ISF Filing?

For individuals and businesses who are importing goods into the United States, the ISF Filing is required 24 hours before goods load onto the overseas vessel to let US Customs know who type of goods is coming into the country. Even if you are late to file the ISF, it is still required to be filed. The responsibility to get this filed ruled by customs is the importer or buyer of the goods. Failure to have the ISF filed may result in potential fines of $5,000 for late ISF Filing.

Below are the steps to get your ISF filed to ensure your import arrives to the U.S. safely in compliance.

1.Request your seller to provide you the ISF information sheet and invoice 3-4 days prior to loading of vessel:

As soon as you pay the seller for the goods, request them to provide you with the ISF information sheet and invoice 3-4 days prior to the loading of the vessel.

2. Provide ISF information to ACCB Customs Broker:

Once you receive the ISF information sheet and invoice from your seller, you can start to get the ISF filed. Provide these two documents to ACCB Customs Broker either by using the Online ISF Filing Form, or to contact us by phone or email for one of our agents to assist you manually.

3. Receive a copy ISF Filing Receipt Confirmation:

After your ISF is filed, our broker will provide you with a copy of the completed filing by email which contains the ISF Transaction Number which you may provide to your seller or shipping company.

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