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How to Import Electric Bikes and Scooters into USA

In this article we will discuss briefly the basic requirements to safely import electric bikes and scooters, whether if you are importing them for sale or for personal use.

Two Criterias to Safely Import Electric Bikes and Scooters as Non Motor Vehicles

1. Electric Bicycles which the top speed does not exceed 20 mph, equipped with a motor under 750 watts and operable pedals.

2. Does not contain brake lights, turning signals, mirrors. (If your ebike contains these features, but under 20 mph, your goods will be in a gray area and may not be allowed to import)

Exceptions to the 20 mph Rule for Scooters

If your scooter features a top speed above 20 mph, you can still safely import under the following conditions and to declare them as for Off Road use.

1. Scooters lacking seats or operated in stand up mode

2. Scooters lack turning signals, brake lights, mirrors and horn.

3. Declaration that the Scooters meet the conditions above and for Off Road use only not on public roads.

After you have carefully reviewed the requirements to safely import ebikes /scooters, and paid your vendor/seller overseas. The next question which Importers ask us frequently is "what's next"? The next step would be to arrange ISF Filing and Customs Clearance services with your Customs Broker before your goods are ready to ship. If you do not have a Customs Broker yet, you may contact for service.

Below are the expected filings to US Customs and DOT/NHTSA for an electric bike / scooter importation.

Customs and DOT/NHTSA Filings Required

1. ISF Filing (Required 24 hours prior to loading of vessel)

2. US Customs Entry Declaration (filed when your goods are near arrival to pay for import duty and obtain customs clearance)

3. DOT/NHTSA HS-7 Declaration (filed at same time with Custom Entry for DOT/NHTSA agency to grant approval for clearance of shipment)

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