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Required Documents to File ISF

In order to file the ISF with U.S. Customs. A copy of the Invoice and ISF information sheet is required from your seller. For certain shipments such as vehicle imports, a copy of the bill of lading will be acceptable. In addition to the two documents from the seller, 2 forms of ID is also required. 

In total , 4 documents listed below can be used to file the ISF. 

Documents Required from Seller

1. Invoice 

2. ISF Information Sheet

Proofs of IDs Required

3. Photo ID: Driver's License or State ID

4. Proof of Social Security or EIN Number (see below)

Business EIN proof: provide either IRS EIN Confirmation Letter, Business Tax Return, or any Federal issued documents which contains your EIN number and business name.

Individual SSN proof: provide either Social Security Card, W2 or Tax Return.

***The Tax ID Number will be used as the Importer ID Number to U.S. Customs for your shipment. This is how Customs identifies ownership of goods for each shipment***

Example Documents provided by Seller


 Invoice                                                   ISF Information Sheet                                             Bill of Lading




Example Invoice (1)-1.jpg
Bill of Lading.jpg
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