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Customs Broker Rates & Pricing

ACCB Customs Broker provides upfront pricing for ISF Filing and Customs Clearance services for all ports of entry into the United States. Importers can get started with service either by giving us a call our to use our active contact form via the link below. 


To get started with service, please give us a call at 833-946-7678, or click below to go to our contact form.

ISF Filing Service: $95 (All inclusive to file the ISF, includes ISF Filing and ISF Bond)

  • ISF Filing Fee: $35

  • ISF Bond: $60

Customs Clearance Service

  • Entry Filing Fee: $125

  • Single Clearance Bond: $60 min for shipments up to 3K in value, for shipments up to 10K in value is $75. Every additional 10K coverage needed is extra $10. 

  • Customs Duty: billed according to customs tariff rate

  • PGA Filing: $35 per line. Only required if FDA, EPA, or other government entity

  • Delivery Order: $15

  • CBP Fee: $25

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