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Customs Clearance Services
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What is customs clearance?


Customs clearance is the filing of the 3461 entry and 7501 entry summary documents to U.S. Customs to obtain the actual release of goods from the port or warehouse, and to pay the import duty on the goods according to the import guidelines from U.S. Customs.

How will I know to start the customs clearance?


Your customs broker assist you, and will notify you to provide the required import documents that is related to your shipment. The clearance filing is normally started within 1 week of shipment arrival, and no later than 2 weeks after arrival. The clearance filing is recommended to be completed before arrival of the goods to avoid late fees from the warehouse or port if the goods there for too long.

What documents do I need for the customs clearance?


The documents normally required by the customs broker is the commercial invoice, bill of lading, packing list and arrival notice, some shipments may require more documents or information as certain types of goods has its own special requirements to import.

What happens if the clearance is not filed?

For shipments that do not have a clearance filing. The port or warehouse by law will not be able to release the goods to the importer upon arrival. Goods that has arrived over 14 days without the clearance filing, the port or warehouse by law is required to transfer the goods to a customs bonded General Order warehouse where they may be auctioned off.


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