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Check with a Customs Broker before you buy from a foreign supplier

If you are planning to import goods into the United States, it is best to check with your Customs Broker regarding the import requirements and regulations which govern your product. Besides US customs clearance, there are also other government agencies which may affect the release of your goods. Products such as foods, medical devices and cosmetics require other government agency clearance such as FDA and USDA. For children's toys, cloths and other child products they are governed by the CPSC. This is to name a few of the government agencies.

Your customs broker will also advise you what documents and certifications, if any are required to import the goods. This will be a great time to inquire with your overseas foreign supplier if they have the necessary certifications and documents in order to clear your goods before you make that purchase. Goods that do not have the proper certifications or documents may have to be exported or destroyed as it will not be allowed into the United States.

Factors which will affect the release of your goods upon importation

1. Partnered Government Agency requirements for clearance (PGA)