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US Customs Clearance

A US Customs Entry Declaration is required to be submitted to CBP upon arrival of your goods into the US. This declaration contains detailed shipment information such as value of the goods, country of origin, description of the goods, quantity, manufacturer, shipping information and other data elements required for US Customs to assess and collect the duty, taxes and fees owed upon release. If your goods require other Partnered Government Agency clearance, such as FDA, USDA, EPA, TSCA, FWS, FCC or Lacey Act, this information is to be submitted with the Customs Entry Declaration. 

US Customs Clearance

  • ACCB reserves the right to cancel any orders or service for which in the situations below may arise in the process of customs business, but are not limited to. 

    • Importation of goods deemed illegal or prohibited by CBP
    • Importation of counterfeit goods and intellectual property rights violations
    • Goods which are not able to obtain customs clearance due to missing required labels, tags, industry certifications and documents. 
    • Suspicious illegal activity of the Importer
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