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ISF Filing

The ISF Filing, otherwise known as Importer Security Filing 10+2 is required to be submitted to CBP 24 hours before loading of goods from foreign country. Late filings can result in a $5,000 penalty and subject to delays and costly exams by at the port when arrived.


We offer Same Day ISF Filing for All U.S.A Ports. The ISF Filing fee is $35 for Importers with Continuous Bond on file with CBP. For Importers who do not possess a bond, the total is $110 for ISF Filing+ISF Bond.  


Click below to learn more about the ISF Filing:

ISF Filing Requirements


***Call (347) 952-8680 for any questions regarding the ISF Filing***


ISF Filing

  • ACCB reserves the right to cancel any orders or service for which in the situations below may arise in the process of customs business, but are not limited to. 

    • Importation of goods deemed illegal or prohibited by CBP
    • Importation of counterfeit goods and intellectual property rights violations
    • Goods which are not able to obtain customs clearance due to missing required labels, tags, industry certifications and documents. 
    • Suspicious illegal activity of the Importer
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