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Customs Bonds

Importers are required to have a US Customs bond on file with CBP prior to their ISF Filing or 7501 customs entry for clearance of goods. Through our e-Bond interface with US Customs, Bonds can be approved and issued within 1-2 days, instead of 1-2 weeks by most brokerages via paper filing. 


The 3 main types of commericial bonds for Importers are:


  • Continuous Bond - Covers Importation of goods for up to one year from date of issuance and also requirement of ISF-D Bond. Minimum bond amount is $50,000 to cover duties, taxes and fees. 
  • Single Transaction Bond - Covers only one single entry for a shipment. Bond amount is determined based on value of the goods and if your goods require other PGA delcaration which will set bond amount 3x value of the goods. Requires purchase of separate ISF-D Bond. 
  • ISF-D Bond - The ISF Bond is required for each ISF filing if an Importer does not have a Continuous Bond on file with CBP. Bonds are financial guarantees to CBP in the case of any fines or penalties which may be issued to the Importer due to non compliance. 


* Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the determination of the value of your shipment or which bond you should purchase. * 

Customs Bonds

    • ALL : Driver’s License or Passport of Customs Bond applicant
    • INDIVIDUALS/SOLE PROPRIETORS: - Social Security Card copy or proof from IRS of SS number
    • CORPORATIONS/LLCS/PARTNERSHIPS: Proof of Incorporation or Articles of Organization or Partnership Agreement or Member Agreement
  • ACCB reserves the right to cancel any orders or service for which in the situations below may arise in the process of customs business, but are not limited to. 

    • Importation of goods deemed illegal or prohibited by CBP
    • Importation of counterfeit goods and intellectual property rights violations
    • Goods which are not able to obtain customs clearance due to missing required labels, tags, industry certifications and documents. 
    • Suspicious illegal activity of the Importer