Food Importation into the U.S.

FDA Food Import Services

ACCB is experienced and knowledgeable in the importation of food products ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables, to frozen or canned food products. The importation of food products are regulated by the FDA and also other government agencies such as USDA or Fish and Wildlife may be applicable depending on your product.

We provide FDA, USDA, FWS declarations and clearances for these Partnered Government Agencies in addition to filing your U.S. Customs Entry. 

Basic requirements to Import Food Products

1. Manufacturer's food facility must be registered with the FDA

2. Ingredients of processed food products must be safe for consumption. Any ingredients deemed unsafe will be detained at port.

3. Vegetable, fruits or plant based food products will require USDA Import License or Permits

4. Food product labeling must be compliant with FDA guidelines  

5. Proper shipping documentation and certificates must be provided at time of entry as per guidelines of the FDA,USDA or FWS. 

Services we provide for Food Importations

  • FDA Food Facility Registration

  • FDA Importer DUNS Registration 

  • FDA Product Code assistance 

  • Import Document Requirements

  • FDA, USDA, FWS Declaration 

  • FDA Labeling Services

  • FDA Food Facility Bi-Annual Registration Renewal

  • USDA Import License and Permits

  • Fish & Wildlife Importer License and Permits