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ACCB Customs Broker is a Nationally Licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to handle the clearance of imported goods into the United States for All USA Ports of entry. We handle all modes of imports such as ocean freight, air cargo, dog and cat animal imports. 

Trucking and delivery services are also available to and from any port through our network of reliable import drayage truckers.

All services we provide upfront pricing. Feel free to gives us a call if you have any questions.

We specialize in clearing the shipment types below:

  • Containerized goods: such as: machinery, apparel, electronics, consumer goods, etc.

  • Vehicle Imports: Japanese Car (JDM), Personal Owned

  • Pets: Dogs and Cats

  • Personal Household Goods (HHG): Returning to U.S. from overseas

  • Food Products: Frozen, Preserved, Canned Food, Beverages


Start service for your ocean import shipment by filing the ISF first. Simply upload the shipping documents provided by your seller and to provide importer proof of ID via our secure online form. Once your submission is received, we will open an account for you and to file your ISF fast the same day! Please note the customs clearance fees and import duty will be provided to you later on the week of arrival for you review and payment.

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